The Barber’s Pole: a new series (teaser)

The first book will be released on April 1st, and is entitled “The Barber’s Pole: Seducing Seanne”.  It’s about an attractive, but lonely woman looking to heal after a tragedy.  She longs for peace and enjoys the nostalgia of a past neighbourhood, clinging onto memories as a source of comfort, though that is about to change when she meets a sexy, young and handsome barber working in a local shop….

**Here’s where things get explicit…hehe**

“My arm flew up like a bat’s wings, and before I could reach him, he grabbed me, by the wrists, force-pulling both arms behind my back, under the cape.  He held them together firmly, in his grip with one hand, as the cape was whipped away from me then, and onto the floor.  He reached forward to his barbering station to select a strap long enough to secure my wrists at the back of the chair.  My breathing intensified, as I grew more anxious and aroused.  With a quick shift, he pushed my shoulders back, and planted his lips on my neck.  Small, gentle daps peppered me, the subtlety making me itch for more, as he gradually worked his way around my neck and shoulders, unbuttoning my blouse to gain access to my breasts.  The pecks grew to full kisses and nibbles, from a slight grazing of the teeth to digging lightly into my skin, making me jump.

“Do you like that?” he purred, as I nodded briefly and he continued, both his mouth and hands going to work under my blouse, disrobing me gently, as I relished his wet, strong tongue trace the curves of my shoulders, neck and jawline, working his way from behind to before me.  Then he paused, lifted me off the chair, spinning me to face the mirror again, this time on my feet, as he shoved my dress pants down to my ankles….”


Looking to 2017

It’s been quite the year, with a lot of unexpected twists and events.  Personally, 2016 was a year of growth, as I turned 40 and made progress in some parts of my life, lessons were learned too.  I’m looking towards the new year with some reservations and cautious optimism.  As in our personal lives, as in fiction and in real life, there are just too many curve balls, unexpected mind fucks and plot twists that get thrown in the mix.  The universe will throw a lot at us, and all we can really do is our best.  In our personal lives, professions, and in the greater society around us.  Easier said than done…

Here’s hoping to a better year in 2017.  2016 sucked for many reasons, so even if this year was a good one for you, let’s hope for much more improvement all around in ’17.  I may be idealistic, but I’m going to get my hopes up *with caution* for the new year.  May it be the best year for you all!


Writing a f/f sex scene for the next book…

Ice cream

…and it’s in rough draft form (pun intended!) hehe…here’s a quick teaser…

“Spread your legs, Mila, I want to touch you, to feel you,” she instructed. My mouth opened wide, welcoming her generous tongue, indulging my kiss as I spread my legs wider, exposing my vagina, shaved smooth and glistening in wetness, ready for her pleasure and mine. Caley’s long, skillful fingers graced my swollen labia and lips, moisturizing and massaging my throbbing clitoris. Arching my back, I tilted, thrust towards her, enhancing this rhythmic kissing and fingering. Moaning. Her tongue swirling, sucking mine into her mouth, swallowing me, taking me, and just as I did the same, she traced downward from my lips, down my chin, throat, chest, circling my nipples, flickering them with her tongue.

“That’s it, Mila,” she whispered, teasing me. “Let’s get these nice and hard…” Instantly, both nipples were erect with pleasure, as Caley slid her tongue further down, over my belly, pelvis and into my pussy. Impulse pushed my legs further apart, eagerly submitting to her eager mouth. Elbows kept my thighs spread as fingers pried open my lips, exposing my blood-filled clitoris for a licking. Sharp strokes from the tip to the bottom, teasing my ass as she brushed me with her tongue,  pokes of wetness inbetween my cheeks. I had no idea this could be so incredible. My voice escalated into a screech and I gushed all over her face.


Heart beats louder

stronger, faster

a car drives by

rain drizzle softens the heat

my heels click against the pavement

in front of our meeting place

the sun is setting

on a hot summer’s night

licking lips

twisting my hands

a wetness grows between my thighs

checking my phone

you’re minutes away…

Kinky teaser. All aboard!

“Is…Alice here?”

“Just come on in, I won’t bite ya!” Reluctantly, I walked in to face a cute, curvy brunette wearing a leather bodysuit with a built-in corset, exposing her breasts, which were both pierced with rings and joined by a chain. My mouth fell open. Her face was cheery and heart-shaped, hair cut into a short bob, lips painted red. She wore boots that extended up to her mid-thighs, which led me to the most pleasant surprise of all: her pussy was shaved and exposed for my viewing pleasure. My erection grew instantly. I’m pretty sure my mouth was open for several minutes.

“Get on your knees,” she commanded, snapping a whip in my direction. I hadn’t noticed that before. Her pierced nipples jiggled as the whip cracked, missing me within inches. I obeyed, kneeling before this sweet mistress.

“What or who did you expect to find when you walked into the cabin?” she demanded. I opened to speak, hesitating.

“A-Alice,” I mumbled, shocked and aroused. “I expected to find Alice. We had an appointment to meet. At two o’clock.” She laughed wickedly now, mocking my naivety.

“You really expected Alice to sit here and wait for your sorry ass to come? She’s much smarter than that. She knows what I like though, and saw something in you…” I was humiliated and embarrassed. Being set up was the last thing I expected, and yet, why would I trust a complete stranger in the first place? Despite my disappointment, my penis grew hard for this steamy vixen. If Alice was going to pass me along to her, I would enjoy the ride. Remaining on all fours, I bowed as a reflex. It gave me a chance to glance at Rachel’s high heeled leather boots, fastened tightly with laces from toe to thigh.

“Crawl to me, slave,” she ordered. Slowly, on all fours, I slithered towards her shiny boots, until my face was nearly touching her feet. “Lick them.”



It’s teaser time! **Adult content**

The clicking of the tracks was soothing. It began shortly after eleven o’clock in the evening. I was asleep for an hour when it woke me, but I didn’t mind. It was a sensation I enjoyed and the very reason we decided to travel by train. I turned to Josh to find him awake and smiling. My head switched to the opposite direction, ensuring our third party was far away in slumberland, which he appeared to be. I turned back to Josh and we began to fondle each other. His erection was instant. We both slipped off our clothing, tangling our bodies together. He climbed on top to assume the missionary position, but I was keen on a little more foreplay first. Tousling, then grabbing this thick head of hair, I playfully pushed him down past my breasts, tummy and below my hips, where I spread my legs to eagerly offer him my juicy, wet and smoothly shaved mound. Josh was good at reading my not-so-subtle hint, generously licking around my clitoris, applying his tongue like a paint brush against it. I moaned softly, then bit my lip to curb any sound. My head flinched over to the other bed to check on the sleeping stranger. He was no longer fast asleep, but wide awake and watching me.

In a steady, hot rhythm, Josh moved beneath the blanket, oblivious to the stranger’s devious grin and wide eyes watching my face contort and twist, as I ascended towards climax. In the moonlit cabin, ignited by the snow covered countryside beyond our train, I could now see Harold’s erection grow beneath a thin sheet he used as a blanket, barely covering his arousal. Licking his lips, he continued to stroke his hard cock, bringing himself closer to ejaculation simultaneously as I began to gush. Both of us separately cumming together. Josh kept licking, sucking my clitoris and fingering my ass. My body vibrated more and I couldn’t control my reaction. I pushed his head to the side in an attempt to stop him. Harold quietly finished himself off and rolled over to return to “sleep”…



Evening bath

A chance to catch my breath, to lose my thoughts

To concentrate or meditate

A clean getaway from the hectic life

An excuse to masterbate

Splashing, dreaming, relaxing

Slowing the pace to stop

Stroking while everyone’s asleep

Until my bubbles popbath-water-915589_1920